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Health Information Systems Development Unit (HISDU)

FLG Microsoft Database Framework

An Innovative Database for Epidemiological Field Studies of Neglected Tropical Diseases

This Microsoft Access database framework was designed to simplify the production of stand alone databases used in the field for data entry.

The framework simplifies the process of adding the following features to Microsoft Access forms:

  • Data security:
  • - user password & login
    - data logs of data additions and edits
  • Data quality:
  • - double entry checking on the fly
    - extensive secondary checking
    - explicit range checking
    - data entry quality metrics
  • One click basic analysis with HTML output
  • Automatically generated codebook

Version 07, 2016-05-09.
The double entry framework is available for download, freely and without any warranty.

Compare.xx.vbs Double entry data compare script in VBS for comparing two Microsoft Access databases and reporting the differences.
CodeBook.vba Script for Microsoft Access to generate a codebook using the table description fields.
CodeBook.html An example of the codebook generated by the above vba script.
example.mdb An example Microsoft Access database with the complete system functioning. Can be used to develop your own forms.
ExternalCompareScript.doc Documentation on the configuration and use of the the external compare script.
DatabaseTechnicalDoc.doc Documentation on the structure of the database to assist in development of your own database.