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Health Information Systems Development Unit (HISDU)

Which way to Health? Passports Project

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Kinner SA, Lennox N. Monitoring and improving the health of ex-prisoners with and without intellectual disability. ASID 45th Annual Board Conference, Brisbane, 2010.

Kinner SA, Dietze PM, Gouillou M, Alati R. Prevalence and correlates of alcohol dependence in adult prisoners vary according to Indigenous status. Aust N Z Publ Health. 2012 Aug;36(4):329-34.

The Prisons Passports project involves a number of paper questionnaires to be entered into a database, and a number of extensive telephone interviews to be entered directly into the database. Prisoners need to be followed up at regular intervals and the follow up needs to be checked for completeness and timeliness. HISDU have developed a complex system to aid entry, randomise participants into intervention and control groups, provide reports and basic analysis.