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Useful software

CyberduckFree/$File transfer FTP
Libre OfficeFreeAn alternative to Microsoft Office
PicasaFreeImage viewer
Paint.NetFree Image editing software (junkware bundle)
PhotoFiltreFree Image editing software (qv online)
InkscapeFreeVector graphics editor
Easy ThumbnailsFreeBatch image size processing
DiagramDesignerFreeFlow charts
Chartist~$35Flow charts
GeogebraFree Maths formula graphing (geometry software)
SciDAVisFreeGraphs+Charts (graphing software)
MapInfo ProviewerFreeMap viewing software
ArcGIS ExplorerFreeMap viewing software
VLCFreeMedia player
AudacityFreeAudio editor
7-zipFreeZip (etc) archive management
Adobe ReaderFreeBloated PDF reader
FoxItFreePDF reader - slick
FireFoxFreeGreat web browser
ChromeFreeGoogle's web browser
DropBoxFree/$Synchronise files across computers, online storage
Virtual BoxFreeCreate and run virtual operating systems
VMWare PlayerFreeRun virtual operating systems
VMWare ServerFreeCreate and run virtual operating systems


TightVNCFreeRemote control
Dameware~$300Remote control
Join.MeFree/$Remote control
DiscordFreeVoice group chat
JitsiFreeIM / video chat-conf
ICQFreeIM / video chat
SkypeFreeGovt spy software
HangoutsFreeSpam funded video chat-conf
PidginFreeMultiprotocol IM client

System utilities

Paragon Backup and Recovery$40Backup your entire drive/OS
Paragon Backup and Recovery freeFreeBackup your entire drive/OS
Password wallet$Password manager
ImgBurnFreeCD/DVD writer and image creator (junkware bundle)
WinCDEmuFreeCD/DVD emulator for CD/DVD images
Comodo Time MachineFreeCreate restore points for complete system restoration
Partition WizardFreeResize partitions non destructively
SysInternalsFreeWindows system viewing software
HFSExplorer (2)FreeRead Mac OS X files from Windows
ImagePrinterFreePrint to image file, run Options.exe to set file output
JDiskReportFreeFolder tree space usage
FS-InspectFreeFolder tree space usage
TreeSizeFree/$Folder tree space usage (not network)
SK Time StampFreeTouch/change the time stamp for files and folders
Agent RansackFree Search for text in files (also)
File Types ManagerFree Change icon for any extension
Virtual DimensionFree Multiple virtual desktop
WhoCrashedFree/$Examine logs/dumps after a crash
Intel Extreme TuningFreeAlter CPU config (undervolt)
GreenshotFree/$mac Screenshot + edit

Programming/code editing

NotePad++FreeProgramming code editor
NoteTabFree/$Text editor
PrimalScript$2MuchProgramming code editor
WinMergeFreeFile comparison software
IS ToolFreeWorks with Inno Setup
Inno SetupFreeCreate setup executable
Microsoft SQLFree(Express) Database server
MS SQL Management StudioFree(Express) Maintain your SQL server, send queries, etc.
SQLiteFreeLibrary implementation of SQL for software development
Access RuntimeFreeUse Microsoft Access databases without MS Access installed
LazarusFreeFree pascal / delphi compiler
GLBasic$120Multiplatform Basic compiler (inc iOS,Android)
PureBasic$120Multiplatform Basic compiler (Win/Mac/Linux/Amiga)


Statistical software
InvisiCalcFreeCalculates equations found in the copy/paste buffer
Epi InfoFreeData entry and analysis software
Epi DataFreeData entry and analysis software
RFreeStatistical analysis software
PSPPFreeStatistical analysis software
GeogebraFree Maths formula graphing (geometry software)
OctaveFreeNumerical computation, analysis
SciLabFreeNumerical computation, analysis

Anti Virus

Notes, PC World Review
Bit Defender~$30
AVGFreePoor detection


SpyBotFreeSpyware/junkware detection and removal
TinyWallFreeFirewall enhancement
AxCryptFreeData file encryption
TrueCryptFreeDrive/Volume encryption
VeraCryptFreeDrive/Volume encryption
SysInternalsFreeCommand line utilites etc
SecToolsFree/$ A compilation of sources

Video Editing

WikiPedia list, Reviews
Roxio Creator~$170Too expensive
Corel Movie Factory~$120Inc slide shows and DVD production
Adobe Premiere Elements~$100
CyberLink PowerProducer~$80
Corel Video Studio Express~$70
CyberLink PowerDirector~$70
CyberLink MediaShow~$50
Magix Movie Edit Pro~$50
Pinnacle Studio HD~$50Part of Avid
Windows Movie MakerFreeComes with Microsoft Windows or download
DVD Descrypter Free Converts DVD into computer files
Handbrake Free Converts video formats